This site is for creators, business owners, employers, employees, light workers,rainbow warriors and visionaries who want to hold higher intentions for their workplace and want to help the vision to become realized. As higher vibrational beings, we need to create more places that work with light vibration and serve the higher good. Let's dream bigger!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Healing with Ten nebula

Ten Nebula (The Trillionairess) is a Goddess Priestess, Reiki Master, Oracle, Channeler, Shamaness and Psychic healer. She creates works dedicated to The Great Mother Goddess and the light & love vibrations.

Ten Nebula Healing Space offers phone sessions, treatments, workshops, and trainings to help you to grow, heal, clear, expand and be happier. We also offer monthly specials, so check out our online calendar. We offer healng work to local and nationwide clients.

*Phone sessions
*Healing treatments
*Group workshops
*Group healings
*Private instruction

Visit for more details.
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Light runs tings -
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Illusions may scream loudly but they are still illusions. -
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Products by Ten nebula

Great & Exciting News!!!!!!!!

Upcoming products from Ten Nebula in 2016
- New book on healing

- Psychic Aura Healing Body Spray

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How May We Help You?

This blog can help you:

1. in learning ways to higher the vibration of your business
2. to contact with great business resources
3. finding ways to heal and clear your business of out-dated beliefs
4. to be a business owner who holds higher intentions
5. to be an employee that inspires a business to greatness
6. get inspired to incorporate higher ways of being at your workplace

Strong, High Vibrational Leadership

Cultivating A Happy, Healthy Workforce

Our Spiritual and Physical Needs

A Balanced, Holistic Life

Diversity In Our Workforce

Higher Moral & Higher Ideals

There is Nothing Wrong With Thinking Big and Being Big

Do What You Can

Fun Is Important

Sending Light To The Whole

Daily Spiritual Practice

Acknowledging and Healing Our Shadows/Ego

Light Centers: Not Only About Health But Raising Consciousness

Light Centers: Have Owners and Staff Who Are Light/Love Workers

Light Centers: Often Holistic Healing Spaces But Can Be In Any Field

Ideas: Being Green

Green products
Energy Efficient Light-bulbs
Solar panels

Ideas: Promote Physical Exercise

Offer free gym membership
Have a on-premise gym for employees
Offer a stipend for monthly gym use
Create a special weekly or monthly exercise program
Offer classes (i.e. yoga)
Offer incentives

Ideas: Healthy Eating & Snacking

Offer free snacks
Have a healthy cafeteria at the workplace
Have a personal chef
Offer free meals to employees
Offer personal food coaches
Offer classes on healthy eating 

Ideas: Shorter Work Week

Shorter Work Week
Flexible Work Hours
Half-Day Fridays

Ideas: Giving To Charity

Fundraise for a great cause
Give monthly donations
Give annual donations
Match donations raised by employees

Ideas: Higher Education

Offer classes at the workplace
Offer trainings 

Ideas: Company Gatherings

Have a BBQ
Have an outside gathering
Have a day of fun

Ideas: Alternative Medicine

Offer insurance that accepts alternative medicine
Have an open house for alternative medicine
Offer alternative medicine stations at your workplace (i.e. massage, acupuncture)

Ideas: Child Care Services

Have a child watch room at your workplace
Offer a stipend for child care

Ideas: Personal Care Services

Offer laundry
Offer car wash
Offer dry cleaning
Offer bike repair
Offer haircuts

Idea: Volunteering & Karma Yoga

Paid time off each month to volunteer
Giving time monthly to Volunteer
Choosing a special organization to help each month

Ideas: Public Transit To Work

Buses to work
Trains to work
Biking to work
Walking to work

Ideas: Health & Dental Insurance

Ideas: Beautiful Environments to Work In

Aim for beauty
Aim for comfort
Aim for spaciousness

Ideas: Meditation & Quiet Spaces

Have a meditation room
Have a quiet room
Have an altar room

Ideas: Fair Trade

Ideas: Creating Jobs for Your Community

Ideas: Paid Vacation Time

Ideas: Conflict Resolution

Ideas: Holiday Bonuses

Ideas: Nap & Rest Times

Offer a 15-min break for the whole company each day
Create a nap room with beds in the workplace
Consider a siesta as a common work practice
Encourage staff to go outside for a community walk
Take a sunshine break and sit in the sun

Ideas: A Play Room

Create a game room
Create an arts & crafts room
Create a living room space

Ideas: Paid Paternity & Maternity Leave

Ideas: A Company Garden

Create a community garden where staff can learn about plants
Create a garden that provides food
Create a garden that is meant to quiet, rest, and beauty
Create a labyrinth

Ideas: Seasonal "Spring" Cleaning

Make time each season for all employees to donate their old stuff to charity
Create a swap meet for employees to exchange their stuff with each other
Have a seasonal garage sale and donate proceeds

Ideas: Bring your Pets to Work

Ideas: Shower Support

If you encourage your employees to bike to work and work out at the gym, offer showers in your bathrooms for easy access

Aspects of a Healthy, Balanced Life

Aspects of a Healthy, Balanced Life

In order to have rich and balanced lives, we must intend on living rich and balanced lives. It is a process and we must be willing to do the proper work. That work may consist of having clear intentions, following your intuition, letting go when needed, using nonattachment and taking the right action. We all have different kinds of lives but we all want to be happy and we all want to heal.

1. Spiritual & Body care
2. Home
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Personal Time
6. Money & Abundance
7. Higher Learning & Education
8. Romantic Relationships
9. Travel
10. Work & Career
11. Karma Yoga/Volunteering work/Tithing

Becoming a better human being

1. Use active prayer & clear intention to create your reality
2. Drink lots of water
3. Create a daily spiritual practice
4. Get daily exercise & eat well
5. Get monthly healing arts treatments/Alternative Medicine
6. Create an altar in your home and work space
7. Get clear about your dreamtime
8. Study the universal laws
9. Be pro-active in your shadow work (dealing with your ego)
10. Strive to become more of your authentic self

Additional Resources - Learn more ways to heal yourself by visiting

Recommended Books & Resources

Earth by Barbara Marciniak
Spiritual Growth by Sonaya Roman
Hands of Light By Barbara Brennan
The Mayan Oracle By Spilsbury & Bryner
You Can Heal your life By Louise May
Books by Amorah Quan Yin
The Amazing Power of Delibrate Intent by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts
The Power of Now by Erkhart Tolle
Be Yourself by Mike Robbins

Conscious Business Now


The 44 Healthiest Companies to Work For in America -

Seven Ways to Boost Employee Morale -

Creating the Best Workplace on Earth -

Learn more, visit "The Ten Nebula Resource Library" -

Special Thanks to The Source

Thank You Goddess for my life
Thank You Goddess for my body
Thank You Goddess for my home
Thank You Goddess for my amazing work
Thank You Goddess for all my clients & fans
Thank You Goddess for all my successful businesses
Thank You Goddess for all my money
Thank You Goddess for my spiritual family & friends
Thank You Goddess for my health
Thank You Goddess for my courage
Thank You Goddess for being able to help others daily
Thank You Goddess for my path
Thank You Goddess for all the light & love in my life
Thank You Goddess for being me
Thank You Goddess to my past, present and future
Thank You Goddess for all that I am and all that I have

Ten nebula

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Ten Nebula is a Goddess Priestess, Reiki Master, Oracle, Channeler, Shamaness and Psychic healer.

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We offer phone sessions, healing treatments, group workshops and workshops.
I am also available to teach & facilitate workshops around the U.S.


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